Candidate Spotlight:

Adam Rodriguez

State House

District 189

hd189 adam rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez has the creative vision that the 189th district needs. For the past 23 years Adam has worked as a graphic artist for the retail industry creating successful products that are sold both nationally and internationally. Adam is ready to bring his creativity into the legislative process to make Northeast Pennsylvania an area of growth and prosperity.

A former union carpenter, Adam knows how beneficial unions are to a healthy middle class. That’s why he will always support a worker’s right to collective bargain, and will vote against harmful anti-union legislation.

Once in office, Adam has a bold vision to help working Pennsylvanians. He plans to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour, propose substantial property tax reform for the middle class, and make state schools tuition-free. With Adam Rodriguez in the state house, Pennsylvania will be a great place for middle class families.

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