Candidate Spotlight:

Art Haywood

State Senate


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Art Haywood became a state senator to help people. After all, that is his life’s passion.

Always a hard worker, Art attended the London School of Economics as a Marshall Scholar and later attended the University of Michigan Law School. As a lawyer, he worked with non-profits to create affordable housing. He made it a point to work with organizations that helped revitalize communities by improving education, housing, and business development.

In 2008, Art got a taste for politics while working as a canvass director for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in Montgomery County. Seeing the success of his hard work and the impact someone can have on a community, he ran for township commissioner in his own town, and won. But he knew he could help even more people, so he decided to run for state senate. For the past three years, Art has been in Harrisburg doing all he can to help the people of his district.

His work with local organizations did not stop when he got elected. His passion enables him to continue being a local activist, fighting with community members to raise the minimum wage to $15 and successfully protesting CVS to raise their wage to $11/hour. Art believes that participation is power, and will continue to work with neighbors and community organizations to not just fight for them, but to fight with them.

With Art in office, Pennsylvanians know they have a friend that will always fight for them.

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