Candidate Spotlight:

Betsy Monroe

State House

District 30

hd30 betsy monroe

Passionate, determined, and capable only begin to describe Betsy Monroe.

In January of 2017, Betsy attended the Women’s March on Washington with over 500,000 people from around the country. The energy she felt there came back with her to the North Hills of Pittsburgh where she started writing letters to local officials on issues she cared about. However, she only received empty promises and lip service in return.

That was when she realized that politicians in Harrisburg ignore the needs of people in favor for the wants of big business––but that she has the power and ability to change it. Betsy wants to end politics as usual and start helping community members again.

As a resident of Allegheny County, she has worked in the healthcare industry for over a decade, helping make healthcare affordable and accessible to over 100,000 older Pennsylvanians. From her work, she knows how important affordable healthcare is and the lifesaving impact it can have.

Betsy has led a Girl Scout troop, been assistant Scoutmaster for the local Boy Scouts, and was PTO treasurer for five years. All three of her children have attended the public schools in her town.

From her activism to her community service, Betsy is who HD-30 needs to represent them in Harrisburg. She knows it is time to stop letting incumbent politicians get too comfortable. We need to elect people who will represent all community members and act on what they need accomplished.

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