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Bibiana Boerio


District 14

bibiana boerio

Bibie Boerio is a southwestern PA success story. A graduate of Greensburg Catholic High School, Seton Hill University, and University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Business, Bibie went on to a powerhouse career in the auto industry.

In 1976, Bibie joined Ford Motors as a financial analyst. In thirty years, she worked her way up to the company, eventually promoted to top-level executive positions such as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Ford Motor Credit Company and Managing Director for Jaguar Cars, Ltd, where she was responsible for global brand development, sales and profitability.

She led the global Jaguar team in developing the new Jaguar XF – the most successful and most awarded vehicle in Jaguar’s history.

Upon retiring from Ford, Bibie served as Congressman Joe Sestak’s Chief of Staff. She was a profound influence on his legislative policy, advocating in particular for the auto industry and for affordable healthcare. She was then nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as Director of the U.S. Mint, but the gridlocked Senate refused to confirm her appointment. She returned to Westmoreland County to serve as interim president of her alma mater, Seton Hill.

In Bibie’s race for Congress, she remembers her roots: Her father was a skilled tool-and-die maker at Kennametal, drove a school bus, and owned a small business to support the family; her mother held down the fort at home and made sure Bibie and her siblings would be driven to success.

In the spirit of her Latrobe neighbor, Mister Fred Rogers, Bibie’s ultimate goal is to make her neighborhood a better place for all. She has had exemplary success in Westmoreland County and beyond, and has the spine of steel so needed in the US House of Representatives.

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