Candidate Spotlight:

Byron Timmins

State House

District 46

hd46 byron timmins

Byron Timmins is ready to bring back opportunity to all of Western Pennsylvania. When he lost his job because of the closure of a major department store during an economic downturn, it took a physical toll. The stress and uncertainty could be unbearable, especially with few other opportunities available. While some areas have experienced renewal, other areas have still been left behind. That’s why Byron is running – to bring jobs and opportunity to the entire region that have been affected by the loss of several industries.

A strong union supporter, Byron knows that when unions are their strongest inequality is at its lowest. The opportunities and benefits that unions provide their workers maintain the strong and vibrant middle class Pennsylvania needs. That’s why Byron will vote against harmful anti-union legislation and “right-to-work” laws that do nothing but hurt the working class.

A leader in the Canon-McMillan PTO, Byron knows firsthand how the legislature’s inability to pass a budget affects our schools. That’s why he’s running as a common sense voice that ends the political games and puts constituents first. He will be a reformer that will not accept a pay if a budget is not passed, will hold government agencies accountable and ensure officials do not abuse taxpayer dollars.

With Byron Timmins in office, the 46th district will have a representative thats puts people ahead of politics.

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