Candidate Spotlight:

Christine Tartaglione

State Senate


SD2 Christine Tartaglione

Christine Tartaglione has been a dedicated public servant for close to three decades.

Her dedication to working class Pennsylvanians is clearly seen through her creation of the landmark 2006 minimum wage increase bill, establishment of the state Office for People with Disabilities, and protection from the attacks on public transit workers.

Christine is the fiercest ally of healthcare workers. Not only did she establish the Pennsylvania Center for Health Careers, but she also sponsored a bill to address the Commonwealth’s short-term and long-term healthcare workforce challenges. By creating focused strategies, she the bill was able to assist those who make a living assisting others.

Her work does not stop at helping healthcare workers. Christine is an outspoken advocate for people suffering from mental health issues. She was awarded the John F. Kennedy Memorial Award for her support of mental health & mental disability programs.

As a public servant herself, she does everything she can to support others in the public service. Her legislation increased funding to the Pennsylvania State Police, allowing them strengthen their force. Christine was then honored to receive the Firefighters Friend Award by the Firefighters Union Local No. 22 for her support of the brave firefighters.

Harrisburg needs to keep good, hardworking public servants like Christine Tartaglione. Christine will continue to fight for the people who need it most and will continue be successful in her fights.

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