Candidate Spotlight:

Clare Dooley

State House

District 59

hd59 clare dooley

Clare Dooley is running for state representative because she believes that Pennsylvania should be run by Pennsylvanians, not by big corporations or the 1%. While attending Rice University, Clare joined the Army and served as a generator mechanic. She completed a two-year stint in Germany, where she earned the AUSA Soldier of the Year award for the First Armored Division.

She then returned to Rice, graduated, and earned a full scholarship to Loyola Law School. There, she gained an appreciation for free higher education and the freedoms it bestows upon young graduates. She went on to practice law for 13 years at leading firms in California, Washington DC, and Texas.

In 2010, she decided to take a detour from law to pursue her passion: owning a dog kennel. She is now the owner of Treeline Creek Kennels, located in Latrobe.

Recently, she began following another passion: nursing. She graduated from nursing school in May 2018 and now works as a nursing assistant.

Having worked in so many crucial sectors – the military, law, small business, and healthcare – Clare is an outstanding person to represent the 59th district. She understands that we need clear air and water, that renewable energy is our future, that healthcare is a right, and that education shouldn’t come with a mountain of debt.

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