Candidate Spotlight:

Clark Mitchell

State House

District 48

hd48 clark mitchell

Clark Mitchell was born and raised right here in Washington County. He grew up hunting and playing football, and returned to his home county to practice law.

Having lived in Washington his entire life, he has seen firsthand how constituents have been neglected by politicians who vote by party lines, ignoring the needs of the district. Clark is going to change that.

He will not be a rubber stamp for either party. Instead, he will listen to what people need and do whatever he can to help them. As a lifelong resident, he knows true Western Pennsylvanian values, and he lives them.

Union rights are continuously on the chopping block in Harrisburg, but those rights are part of what helps our community flourish. As a proud union ally, Clark will fight for union rights. Our teachers and their ability to successfully educate the next generation is at risk. Having graduated from the Trinity School District, he knows how important properly funding the public education system is. He also wants to expand technical training programs to give more opportunities to students looking for labor careers.


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