Candidate Spotlight:

Collin Warren

State House

District 57

hd57 collin warren

A graduate of Greensburg Central Catholic, Collin has lived in Greensburg all his life – his only time away was while he earned an Economics degree from Penn State. His connection to the community has inspired him to service all throughout his life. From his work with the United First Methodist Church to working with the Westmoreland Food Bank to helping people rebuild their financial lives at Century Support Services, Collin has always sought to help others.

Collin cares about results, not partisan politics. He knows that what matters are the kitchen table issues. Economic success, great schools, and excellent & affordable healthcare are not, and should not be, partisan issues. The opioid epidemic does not care about what you filled into the party affiliation box you when you registered to vote; we all care about solutions to lift people out of the conditions that lead them to substance abuse, prevent overdoses, and help those who are struggling to overcome their addictions.

He believes in protecting your rights. You have a right to be part of a healthy and vibrant union to fight for your economic and physical health on the job. You have a right to clean air and water, something his uncle Rep. John Laudadio fought to enshrine our commonwealth’s constitution. As a gun owner, he believes in your 2nd amendment rights, but also on the common sense reforms that will help keep all of us safe.

Passing legislation to improve your standard of living is only part of the duties of a representative. An important part of the job is being a community leader. That is why Collin wants to go to you. He pledges to continue knocking on doors and seeking the opinion of his constituents even after election day. He believes it is impossible to best represent you if he doesn’t know your story. This is why he will seek to open up office hours on Saturdays, as well as holding monthly town halls and live streams to connect with our community.

Our best days are ahead of us. Join the team and help in the fight to rebuild our community and our state.

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