Candidate Spotlight:

Dan Frankel

State House

District 23

hd23 dan frankel

For nearly 20 years, Dan Frankel has represented the people of Pittsburgh. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he has always been a devoted advocate for community issues. In Harrisburg, has fought for LGBTQ+ equality and he consistently fights for a woman’s right to choose. He also is a proud supporter of public health. For Dan, public health encompasses everything from expanded quality healthcare to supporting local green spaces that offer residents the ability to get outside, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors.

Before he was elected, he worked as chairman of the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition, where he collaborated with the Pennsylvania State Legislature to advocate for local non-profit organizations working to help vulnerable residents.

Dan is a strong advocate for women’s equality. He was named as one of the top 12 male legislators in Pennsylvania fighting for women’s equity from the Women and Girl’s Foundation. He works with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape and many other organizations to help women and girls.

He has served on the boards for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees, commonwealth trustee for the University of Pittsburgh, State Employment Retirement Assistance Board, Magee Women’s Research Institute, and WQED Multimedia. Through these positions, he is able to assist local residents directly and advocate for the issues constituents find most important.

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