Candidate Spotlight:

Dan Williams

State House

District 74

hd74 dan williams

Pastor Dan Williams is the ultimate voice for the community. In his 28 years as Senior Pastor at the New Life in Christ Fellowship in Coatesville, he has demonstrated leadership by organizing movements to relocate fire victims, clean up neighborhoods, and send care packages to our troops. As a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel, he has also taught classes on Urban Ministry, Missional Theology, and Counseling, and has preached abroad in Ghana, Haiti, France, and Israel.

Dan’s community-oriented values translate to the issues really affecting District 74. He believes that education is a human right, and should be funded by natural gas companies profiting off our state, rather than the property owners. He supports teachers earning a fair wage for the hard work that they do, and that students who are inclined toward vocational careers receive the opportunities and support they need.

Pastor Dan’s faith is a guide for him, and is working toward a more loving, inclusive Pennsylvania. He is a proponent for the civil rights of everyone, no matter the race, religion, creed, sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

We desperately need the kind of moral leadership that Pastor Dan will bring to Harrisburg. With his influence, the Pennsylvania House will be guided in the right direction.

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