Candidate Spotlight:

Daniel Smith Jr.

State House

District 12

Daniel Smith Jr

Daniel Smith, Jr. is a person who doesn’t give up. He grew up in the 12th District and right after graduating high school, he went to work for BNY Mellon to help support his family.

While there are many things that motivated Daniel to run for the state house, his knowledge of what a representative should be versus witnessing the actions of the current incumbent (Daryl Metcalfe) were certainly enough to give him the final push.

As a student at Seneca Valley High School, one of Daniel’s civics teachers was Patricia Carone. Ms. Carone ran for HD-12 while teaching, which gave students like Daniel and his classmates a firsthand look at campaigns and then governing.

The Carone campaign was the ultimate teaching moment. Ms. Carone would report back to her students on what she learned from listening to constituents and always making sure the local issues facing the community were not diluted by federal politics. Daniel wants to bring that kind of representation back to the district; a focus on the local issues that affect the residents of his district each and every day.

Something Carone said to all those years ago has stuck with him for nearly thirty years later: “stick to your passion.” Daniel’s passion has always been helping and working with people. Starting as a customer service representative and working his way up to senior management at BNY Mellon, Daniel has been lucky enough to work with countless individuals and helped them grow. Now, he wants to bring that same drive and passion back to his district, especially after nearly two decades of seeing a representative focused on hyper-partisan issues and divisive rhetoric.

Daniel wants to be the voice for all the residents of district while serving in Harrisburg. He believes the best way to get things done is by listening to what people think and need. By finding common ground with all people of his district, not just a select group.

Daniel Smith, Jr. has the drive, dedication, and principles needed to help HD-12 and move Pennsylvania forward. He lives in Butler County with his husband and dog.


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