Candidate Spotlight:

Dave Delloso

State House

District 162

hd162 david delloso

Born and raised in Sharon Hill, Dave Delloso has dedicated his career to improving the lives of working men and women in Delaware County. He started his career working as a delivery truck driver and joined the Teamsters Union. Through the union, Dave was able to advance in his profession with the career opportunities they offered workers. He eventually rose up in the union and became president of the Teamsters Local 312, where he has served for the past 10 years. As a labor leader, Dave has tirelessly fought for better wages, benefits, and working conditions for the Teamsters.

Dave has seen firsthand the attacks state lawmakers have made on unions and the middle class. The benefits provided through the union allowed Dave and many others workers in his community a comfortable middle class life that all Americans should have. He could no longer watch lawmakers attack working men and women of Pennsylvania and decided to run for office to return state government to the people.

Dave will be a champion of the working class and will always stand up against anti-union legislation. He will fight for a livable minimum wage, lower taxes for working men and women, and make sure corporations pay their fair share. He will fight for better education funding so our next generation of tradesmen and professionals have the tools to succeed, and will fix our school funding formula to ease the burden of property taxes.

In Harrisburg, Dave Delloso will be the advocate the middle class needs.

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