Candidate Spotlight:

Doug Hunt

State House

District 56

Doug Hunt

Choices of immense courage are ultimately the choices that change the course of history. Doug’s life is marked by having the fortitude to make tough choices in tough circumstances that would lead his family and his community towards a more promising future.

A native of Swissvale, Doug always wanted to work for the future of his community as an elementary school teacher. After graduating from Woodland Hills High School in 1998, he enrolled at Thiel College to pursue his dream of following in the footsteps of impactful educators like his own fifth-grade teacher. However, with the passing of his step-father, Doug returned home to support his mother and help raise his younger sister.  With his dream of teaching no longer financially plausible, Doug opted to take on several jobs to instead provide for the future of his family.

Despite having no previous experience or knowledge, Doug soon found his calling as a carpenter thanks to the support of Carpenter’s Union. Leaving everything he knew behind, he’s gone on to 13 years of success. With his wife of almost 9 years, Kristen, by his side, Doug is raising his two children to know the importance of following bold action with unfettered determination.

Doug is now ready to apply that same spirit to serve the people of Westmoreland County. He knows that to rework an education system that serves standardized test scores not students, our representatives need to depart from their same, tired policies. Likewise, Doug recognizes that after we commit to supporting bold action to protect wages and rights of workers, our representatives need to follow up with the hard work to see the plan through to success.

Doug Hunt has proven his character, conviction and capability to successfully work for change as our State Representative.

Together, we can send Doug to Harrisburg so he can work for real change to help real people in the 56th District.

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