Candidate Spotlight:

Eric Epstein

State House

District 105

hd105 eric epstein

Eric Epstein has built a career helping his community, educating the disadvantaged and those on the margins of society. For 35 years he has been an adult educator, helping incarcerated citizens earn a GED to help prevent recidivism. He has also served as a visiting professor at Penn State Harrisburg teaching several humanities courses. His devotion to education led him to run for the Central Dauphin school board, where he is currently serving his second term.

A strong environmentalist, Eric has started several organizations devoted to promoting environmentally conscious policy. He’s served as the chairman of Sustainable Energy Fund which promotes clean and sustainable fuel alternatives, and has ensured power companies live up to renewable energy standards.

For years Eric has been committed to holding government officials to good ethical standards. It’s why he created “Rock the Capital,” a group devoted to keeping state officials to the standards we deserve. In office, Eric will be an accountable and accessible official, because when you serve on behalf of the community there should be nothing to hide. In office, Eric pledges to never raise property taxes, cut taxes for the working poor, and address traffic issues all to save more money for working Pennsylvanians. We need Eric Epstein in office to be an accountable voice focusing on issues important Dauphin County.

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