Candidate Spotlight:

Ethan Keedy

State House

District 52

hd52 Ethan keedy

Ethan proudly owns a family restaurant, Keedy’s Pizzaria, located in Connellsville. A graduate of Connellsville High School Class of 2012, then later of Seton Hill University, Ethan will bring youthful energy to the state legislature.

Ethan’s dedication to serving his community began at age 14, when he and his father would volunteer at a local nursing home. He also participated in many municipal clean-ups, and turned his attention to improving the city park.

After losing his father to drug addiction and suicide, Ethan began speaking to students about  the effects that suicide, drug abuse, and bullying has on them and their families. His work in this arena earned him a spot on the series “People Who Inspire.”

Ethan now serves as the Director of Accounts and Finance on the Connellsville City Council, to which he was elected in 2015. He is now hoping to broaden his vision to all of Pennsylvania.

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