Candidate Spotlight:

Ezra Nanes

State Senate

District 34

ezra nanes

At a young age, Ezra Nanes was taught by his mother and father to care for others and the community. Now, Ezra wants to go to Harrisburg to help the community that has welcomed him with open arms for the past 12 years.

Ezra is fortunate to have a job with a health plan and to live in a good public school district. But for too many central Pennsylvania residents, this is not the case. As a state senator, Ezra will help ensure that Pennsylvanians have access to good, affordable health coverage, and will not play partisan games with crucial children’s health care programs like CHIP.

As a gateway to a prosperous future, Ezra will improve our public school system and will provide our teachers with the resources they need to help grow our next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. He will also ensure that the state provides its fair share for education to alleviate the property tax burden on local residents.

When we elect Ezra Nanes to the state senate, central Pennsylvania can finally have an advocate for the working class. 

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