Candidate Spotlight:

George Scott


District 10

george scott

George Scott is running with a mission to bring greater integrity, service, and compassion to Congress.  

Raised on a farm in south central Pennsylvania, George is a lifelong Democrat. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University with a degree in International Politics. Following graduation, George accepted his commission as a Military Intelligence officer in the United States Army, serving on active duty for 20 years. His service includes disaster relief operations for Hurricane Hugo and deployments for Operations Just Cause, Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom. He retired as a Lt. Colonel after commanding a battalion of over 1,800 soldiers.

In 2009, George answered a new calling, entering the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. Today he serves as the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in East Berlin. He is on leave of absence from his congregation while pursuing election to Congress to represent the people of the 10th District.

He is looking to advocate for the issues important to the residents of his district. These include ensuring all Americans have access to affordable health care, creating good jobs with living wages through investments in infrastructure, advocating for outstanding public education and reducing student debt, and taking commonsense actions to end the horrors of gun violence in America.

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