Candidate Spotlight:

Joanna McClinton

State House

District 191

191 joanna mcclinton

Joanna McClinton has been a hardworking public servant her entire life. After graduating from Villanova University School of Law, she became an assistant public defender and later the Chief Counsel to State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams. Then she got the opportunity to run in a special election for State House.

Her first campaign largely focused on education and criminal justice reform, job creation, and a state-funded indigent defense system. Joanna took her experience as a public defender and used it to address and push for criminal justice reform and the expungement system. As a state representative, she has proposed legislation for universal pre-k so all children have a fair and equal opportunity.

Joanna currently wants to introduce legislation for a school-based drug substance abuse intervention program. The program would require the Board of Education and the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol to work together and develop guidelines that schools would then implement.

She not only is active in the State House, but also in her community. Joanna is a youth leader in West Philadelphia church, and is a volunteer with Outreach to Youth and Hands of Compassion American Sign Language Ministry.

Her passion and community make her the successful representative that she is.

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