Candidate Spotlight:

Joe Ciresi

State House

District 146

Ciresi headshot

A community leader, Joe Ciresi is ready to solve local issues in Harrisburg. Joe has dedicated himself toward improving the lives of senior citizens in his community. He has served as board president of a non-profit that provides affordable senior living facilities in Montgomery and Chester counties. As state representative, Joe will continue to make senior care more available and more affordable. He will also work to lower the cost of prescription drugs for our seniors.

In 2003, Joe decided to run for the school board of Spring-Ford School District. During his tenure, Joe was praised for his bipartisan leadership. He was able to expand school programs and elevate the school’s state ranking all while reducing debt by $125 million. He has seen firsthand how the state has underfunded public schools and will ensure that the legislature uses a fair funding formula that allocates money based on need.

Joe is committed to rebuilding regional rail service from Pottstown to Philadelphia. This will not only alleviate the traffic problems in Montgomery County, but will also help create many new jobs and spur economic development in the Pottstown area.

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