Candidate Spotlight:

Jonathan McCabe

State House

District 54

hd54 jon mccabe

As a lifelong resident of the small, working-class community of Lower Burrell, Jon knows well the impact of laws written from the top-down. As he saw his town and others like it hollowed out by policies favored by the political elite and wealthy donor class, Jon knew it was time to take action by returning the work of government to that of the people, not special interests.

Jon believes firmly in one voice, one vote. While he was a student at Penn State New Kensington, he co-founded a student organization called My Vote Matters, which encourages civic engagement by registering students to vote and building dialogue between elected officials and their constituents by bringing these leaders to campus. Jon has been a leader himself by serving as a representative in student government, president of the psychology club, a history tutor to his peers and a member of Penn State’s honors program. He graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

At 22 years-old, Jon is a political newcomer. But, that’s exactly what he believes we need. For too long, Harrisburg has been occupied by entrenched career politicians who care more about who’s funding their next campaign than who will be impacted by their policies. Jon believes in a bottom-up approach to policy-making, which places the ideas and concerns of those he hopes to serve at the forefront. Jon believes his youth and fresh perspective are the answers to the tasks at hand.

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