Candidate Spotlight:

Katie Muth

State Senate


sd44 katie muth

Spurred by the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Katie Muth became a prominent activist. Now chair of Indivisible Mid Montco, Katie wants to bring common sense and evidence based legislation to Harrisburg.

A lifelong resident of Western Pennsylvania, Katie knows issues that face everyday, hard working Pennsylvanians, which is why she wants to everyone has equal access to the opportunities they deserve.

A living wage, affordable childcare, and equal pay are just a few of the things she wants to fight for. With the energy and passion that first started her activism, Katie is more than ready to take on the hard fight in the state capitol. Senate district 44 needs someone as passionate and dedicated as Katie. She will bring much-needed change to Harrisburg that will benefit not just western PA, but the entire commonwealth.

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