Candidate Spotlight:

Kerith Strano Taylor

State House

District 66

hd66 kerith taylor

Through her professional work as a Family Law Attorney and her numerous volunteer efforts, Kerith Strano Taylor has become known throughout the Commonwealth as a champion for children and families.

Since 2004, Kerith has served as Guardian ad-Lidem for Jefferson County, representing children who find themselves in the foster care system. Through that work, Kerith became an active member of the Statewide Children’s Roundtable Initiative in 2006 when it was created by Supreme Court Justice Max Baer. Her leadership was widely recognized, and in 2011 she helped design and lead an affordable, accessible, and timely training for over 350 Guardians ad Litem and Parents’ Attorneys.

Kerith also sits on the Jefferson County Children’s Roundtable, the regional Leadership Roundtable 7, and the Statewide Children’s Roundtable. In these efforts, Kerith collaborates with judges, attorneys, social workers, and others to improve the practice of Pennsylvania Dependency Courts, striving to ensure the safety and well-being of every child in the dependency system. In 2011, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court appointed Kerith to the Juvenile Court Procedural Rules Committee, where she is helping to improve the rules governing actions for juvenile delinquency and dependency courts.

Growing up in a working class family in Jefferson County, she and her brother spent most afternoons doing their homework in the auto shop her parents owned in Brookville, Pennsylvania.

A product of a stellar public education provided by the Brookville Area School District, Kerith started college at The Pennsylvania State University in 1992 at age 16. Her respect for American government was born during the summer of 1994 when Kerith was awarded the Lyndon Baines Johnson Congressional Fellowship and served on Capitol Hill under the guidance and tutelage of former Congressman William J. Clinger.

Graduating with a B.A. in Political Science in 1996, Kerith spent the next two years working in government affairs in Washington D.C. before enrolling at George Mason University School of Law. She earned her law degree in 2001 and immediately returned to her hometown of Brookville where she opened her own firm and still practices today.

In 2013, Kerith was asked by the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas to conduct custody conciliation conferences for those families who are unrepresented by counsel. She has been highly successful in these efforts, helping families to settle cases in a timely, efficient, and civil manner.

Kerith lives in Brookville, where she is the proud mother of two children, Laurin Elise and Ethan Anthony. She is an avid motorcycle rider and enjoys riding through the district.

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