Candidate Spotlight:

Lauren Lareau

State House

District 142

lauren lareau

When Lauren Lareau was looking for a place to raise her son Lucas, she found no better place than Bucks County. The great community environment and great schools made it the perfect place for a family. Now, Lauren wants to give back to her community by serving her neighbors in the state house.

Lauren has dedicated her life to education. She received a degree from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education with a masters in human development. Lauren has gone on to start her own small tutoring business that helps to prepare high school students for success in college, in addition to being a substitute teacher. When Lauren saw Republican legislators gut public education she saw the need to take action and run for office. Once in Harrisburg Lauren will fully fund our public schools so every child has equal access to a quality education.

As a small business owner, Lauren understands the struggles with starting a new small business. That’s why she will put resources into cultivating new small business development centers across the state and funding new grants so more Pennsylvanians can start their dream of owning a small business. She will also support local workers by increasing the minimum wage and protecting unionization so all workers have the right to negotiate their contract.

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