Candidate Spotlight:

Linda Sosniak

State House

District 84

hd84 linda sosniak

Linda Sosniak is a solutions-driven person. She knows the value of hard work. After graduating with an Associates Degree in Accounting from the PA College of Technology, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix in Business management.

For 25 years, she worked for the United States Postal Service. During that time, she even served as Postmaster for 6 different areas, including Savannah, Georgia and Scranton, PA. Her hard work earned her numerous awards. Now, she wants to take her leadership to Harrisburg.

Linda wants to create healthcare for all in Pennsylvania so the burden of healthcare is not on the owners of small businesses. She will fight against anti-union legislation and the budget impasses that ruin our Commonwealth’s credit rating. Linda will find solutions that work for all people, rather than just the solutions that work for people who can afford it. She will bring an end to “party first” politicians by representing her constituents, not party bosses.

Representatives should be held accountable to the people they work for – the voters – which is why Linda is running to stand up to political “managers” who put the needs of their party over the needs of the people they represent. She will break down roadblocks to get what needs to be done accomplished for her constituents.

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