Candidate Spotlight:

Lisa Boeving-Learned

State House

HD 8

lisa boeving-learned

Lisa Boeving-Learned is a former US Army soldier, a retired police sergeant, a Mercer County resident, and your Democratic candidate for the PA General Assembly, District 8.

Lisa grew up in a working-class family outside of Pittsburgh.  At 19, she joined the Army, serving as a Military Intelligence Specialist in the National Security Agency.

Continuing her dedication to service, she pursued a career in Law Enforcement. During her 25 years as a police officer, Lisa intentionally chose assignments that allowed her to work directly with the people in her community, enabling her to truly make a difference in their lives. Some of the projects she championed include:

    •Community partnerships to reduce homelessness and crime by providing housing and job opportunities

    •A proactive strategy to identify and monitor sex offenders—work which received the Department of Justice’s “Best Practice” endorsement for innovative policing

    •Outreach and support to victims of domestic violence

Lisa returned home to Pennsylvania with her wife, also a retired police officer, and settled in Mercer County. In addition to supporting local charitable organizations such as Prince of Peace and AWARE, Lisa is a member of Friends of Goddard State Park, a volunteer organization that helps with park clean ups and fundraising. She is a member of the Democrat Women of Mercer County and an advocate for Fair Districts PA—a nonpartisan group dedicated to reclaiming democracy—and a member of Equality Pennsylvania, an organization dedicated to fighting for fairness, equality, and justice.

In the wake of the 2016 election, she once again felt compelled to step up and serve her community. As a police officer, she lived the values of compassion, cooperation, and commitment. Now, more than ever, she believes it’s time to bring those same values into our government. Years ago, Lisa took an oath to protect and serve. Upholding that oath is as important now as it ever was.

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