Candidate Spotlight:

Lisa Boscola

State Senate


sd18 lisa boscola

For over twenty years, Lisa Boscola has been a passionate and dedicated public servant, working to advance Pennsylvania. She began her public service as a state representative and was later elected to the state senate after her exemplary work in the house.

Lisa has worked tirelessly to bring property tax reform to the senate floor in the hopes of making housing more affordable for all people, especially retired seniors. During her five terms as a state senator, she has brought job creation back to Lehigh Valley through economic development programs like the Ben Franklin Technology Centers and Small Business Development Center.

From her extensive experience, Lisa has been working to cut red tape that might prevent growth of private businesses, and therefore job growth. She wants to ensure that all hard working families are treated fairly. As chairwoman of the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee, Lisa works to protect Pennsylvanians from unnecessary utility rate increases.

As a state senator, Lisa Boscola knows that she serves her constituents first and foremost. They are always her top priority, not special interests. With five terms of experience, Lisa knows how to get things done.

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