Candidate Spotlight:

Liz Hanbidge

State House

District 61

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Liz Hanbidge is looking toward the future. A lawyer, she has spent most of her professional career as a court-appointed guardian, fighting for vulnerable children throughout Montgomery County. As the representative for the state’s 61st district, Liz will continue advocating for all of Pennsylvania’s families.

Concerned with Harrisburg’s current apathy toward our families, Liz will work toward ensuring that our laws and funding go toward empowering families. Chief among the issues she cares about is education; Pennsylvania ranks 47th out of 50th in educational funding, and yet our tax dollars are increasingly levied toward exploitative for-profit schemes. Liz knows that it is possible to invest in a strong education for all of our kids without placing the financial burden on working families.

The current corruption in Harrisburg is holding all of us back, and Liz will end it. She will be a voice for the majority of Pennsylvanians who support equal pay for women, common-sense gun laws, equality for our LGBTQA+ residents, and affordable access to health care.

Liz understands that no politician should get a free car at the expense of a teacher receiving no funding for his classroom, or a senior citizen getting the care she needs on medicare, or a community living in fear of gun violence. A vote for Liz Hanbidge is a vote for the people – not politicians – of Pennsylvania.

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