Candidate Spotlight:

Lois Herr

State Senate

District 48

lois herr

Lois Herr has held many job titles in her life, but her most important one will be state senator. Lois had a successful career in business, working for a variety of telephone companies including Bell Telephone Laboratories, AT&T, and New York Telephone. Her success in business led her to a job in the White House Office of Management and Budget. Later in life she ran a small farm in Lancaster County while also teaching business courses at Elizabethtown College.

While Lois has loved her careers in business and in education, it is serving the community that brings her the most joy. Whether it be serving on the Rotary Club or on the local borough council of Mt. Gretna, Lois loves being able to give back to her community. Now, she’s ready to serve the 48th district in Harrisburg.

As state senator, Lois will protect the beautiful landscapes of Pennsylvania. Since agriculture is such a crucial part of the economy of the 48th district, it is imperative that the land and water be protected. For Central PA, environmental protection is an economic necessity.

Lois will also push for crucial investments in our education and infrastructure as those are the building blocks to developing a successful and prosperous community for generations to come.

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