Candidate Spotlight:

Madeleine Dean


District 4

madeleine dean

Madeleine Dean has proven herself a progressive powerhouse in Harrisburg, and she is looking to take her ideals, passion, and efficacy to Washington.

Following the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Madeleine formed the PA SAFE caucus bipartisan group of legislatures dedicated to keeping our kids safe from gun violence. She remains outspoken on other progressive issues, such as healthcare for all, affordable education, and compassionate immigration policy.

Madeleine was particularly inspired to run for Congress because Pennsylvania currently has not one woman representing us in Washington; she intends on showing up and ensuring that women’s rights – including funding for Planned Parenthood, accessible childcare, and family health – are prioritized on a national level.

In addition to being a state legislator, Madeleine is a mother, grandmother, attorney, and professor. She has been endorsed by a litany of progressive people and causes, included President Obama, Vice President Biden, and former Governor Ed Rendell.

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