Candidate Spotlight:

Maria Collett

State Senate


sd12 maria collett

Maria Collett has worked her entire life to help other people. From working as an attorney fighting for abused and neglected children to changing careers to become a nurse and assist those who faced trauma or need long term care, her compassion for other people and dedication to working for a better world is exactly the kind of passion we need right now in Harrisburg.

With her diverse background, she has gained experience not only in law, but working with different groups of people. Maria wants to continue her dedication to her community by serving them in the state capitol. She knows that thoughtful discourse and smart decision is the best way to get things done, and she intends to do just that.

Instead of voting solely along partisan lines, she will listen to what the people of the district actually think and need. Maria Collett is the person the citizens of senate district 12 need representing them now.

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