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Mark Pinsley



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From running a business to local organizing, Mark Pinsley knows how to get stuff done.

This former army reserve service member now wants to fight in Harrisburg for the people he once fought for abroad. A proud product of Pennsylvania’s public education system, he went on to earn a degree in finance from Northeastern University and an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He is now up for the challenge of serving his district.

Armed with his experience in running a manufacturing business and being a commissioner for South Whitehall Township, Mark has learned how to get things done efficiently and effectively. He knows what Pennsylvanians need most, because he listens to his community members and has lived it.

From fighting for Medicare for all to affordable higher education, Mark knows that progressive ideas will help fix what is hurting too many Pennsylvanians. Creating well paying jobs in sustainable industry is one of his top priorities, and as a business owner, he knows exactly how to do it.

Mark is done with the same old same old in Harrisburg and knows that too many others are as well. It is time to change the outdated way things are done and bring new ideas to rejuvenate the Commonwealth. Mark Pinsley is the person who can do just that.

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