Candidate Spotlight:

Melissa Shusterman

State House

District 157

hd157 melissa shusterman

Melissa Shusterman is here to make Pennsylvania better all-around. An entrepreneur who raised her son as a single mother, she understands the urgency of having political leaders who work on behalf of the people, not special interest groups.

Though Melissa never thought she’d run for politics, she’s grown frustrated by those in Harrisburg who refuse the types of solutions that the majority of Pennsylvanians support. While career politicians choose to ignore the real problems facing our state – like mounting debt, crumbling infrastructure, downtrodden schools, partisan gridlock, and lack of care for the environment – Melissa will take those issues head on.

An all-around progressive, Melissa will be proactive – not reactive – to such calamities as gun violence, the destruction of our natural resources, and the opioid epidemic. She supports health care for all, from senior citizens to women’s reproductive choices. She knows that impediments to democracy such as gerrymandering, fiscal irresponsibility, and the disregard for public education have no place in Pennsylvania.

We don’t have one more minute to waste; we need Melissa’s passion and energy in Harrisburg now.

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