Candidate Spotlight:

Michele Knoll

State House

District 44

hd44 michele knoll

An educator for 40 years, Michele Knoll has devoted her life to improving her community through the school system. She has seen firsthand how state budget cuts to education have negatively impacted our students’ ability to learn. In Harrisburg, she will rebuild our state’s education system, because she knows strong schools will lead to economic growth and new opportunities for our next generation.

Currently, Michele works as a developmental therapist and assists newborns and toddlers with disabilities. Many of these children are born with a pre-existing condition, and if it were not for the Affordable Care Act, it would be incredibly challenging for families to pay for their children’s medical bills. That is why Michele is disgusted by Republican attempts to take away health coverage for our state’s most vulnerable citizens. In the State House, Michele will defend healthcare access for people with pre-existing conditions and will make certain that insurance is affordable for people across the state.

Michele knows what it takes to lead a community to growth and prosperity, and will be a much-needed voice in Harrisburg.

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