Candidate Spotlight:

Mike Doyle

State House

District 170

mike doyle 170

A resident of Northeast Pennsylvania for the past 14 years, Mike Doyle has seen the power of a community members coming together to help their neighbors. When Mike suffered challenges with addiction, his community still welcomed and assisted him through the lowest point of his life. After overcoming addiction, Mike now wants to give back to his neighbors and serve the great Northeast in the State House.

Seeing too much partisanship and division, he plans to bring a fresh community approach back to Harrisburg to solve our state’s most pressing issues. Mike wants to lift our neighborhoods to their fullest potential by making crucial investments in our people, towns, and cities. He plans to reverse the harmful cuts to healthcare services made by Republican lawmakers, and step up efforts to help combat the opioid epidemic, which is harming too many families. He also looks to invest in our future leaders by increasing educational opportunities and early childhood learning programs. Mike also plans to fight for much needed infrastructure projects in the Northeast to stimulate the local economy.

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