Candidate Spotlight:

Mike Hanna Jr.

State House

District 76

mike hanna jr

Mike Hanna is a lifelong resident of Clinton County and a graduate of Central Mountain High School (2001) and Lock Haven University (2005).

Mike has worked at two of Clinton Counties largest employers:  Lock Haven University and night shifts at First Quality’s McElhattan facility. He has almost a decade worth of experience in both the legislative and executive branches of government.

The past three years he has served as Deputy Secretary of Legislative Affairs in the Governor’s Office and was promoted to second-in-command dealing with legislative issues before leaving the position to begin his campaign for State Representative.

His campaign focuses on government reform, jobs, and education; the issues that matter the most to us here in Central Pennsylvania, like making sure government does not get in the way of our lives or values.

That is why Mike is pushing for important government reforms like a “gift ban” to stop legislators from accepting lavish gifts such as sports tickets, oversea trips and fancy dinners from lobbyist. In Mike’s previous job he did not accept gifts or dinners from special interests – it is time elected officials hold themselves to the same standard.

Similarly, Mike believes elected officials should not collect a paycheck when they do not pass a state budget on time each year. Farmers who don’t milk their cows, don’t get paid. Welder who don’t do their jobs, don’t get paid. It’s time legislators stop getting paid if they don’t do their job.

Mike will protect our family-sustaining jobs in the district and help projects that are currently underway by cutting through the governmental red tape that slows down new projects and jobs.

Mike believes that education and career training are crucial components of any job and properly funding education is a must at all levels. We need to make sure we get our fair share in Clinton and Centre Counties instead of allowing the state to send more money to big cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, and Scranton. Mike is the only candidate that has the experience to make sure we get our fair share of funding so we don’t lose out to the huge cities.

There needs to be a continued focus on Career and Technical Education (CTE) in every school district similar to work at Central Pennsylvania Institute in Centre County. Whether it is K-12, community college or attending a state system school like Lock Haven University, all three need the proper resources so they can prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

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