Candidate Spotlight:

Pam Hacker

State House

District 26

hd26 pamela hacker

A lifelong resident of the district, Pam Hacker is ready to give back to her community in Harrisburg. For too long, legislators in her district have represented corporate and lobbyist interests. Pam will be a different representative and will serve the working men and women of the 26th district.

After going through several career paths, Pam found a home with the electrician’s union and has been a proud member of the local IBEW for the past 33 years. In the state house Pam will stand with working families by strengthening unions and ensuring more funding for skilled trades programs so more Pennsylvanians have the opportunity of a lifelong career.

Pam is committed to keeping Pennsylvania beautiful for generations to come with stronger environmental protections and enforcement. She will also enact an extraction fee on shale drilling so companies that use our natural resources pay their fair share. This fee will help fund our schools who are desperate for new funding sources, and will help alleviate the burden on local property taxes.

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