Candidate Spotlight:

Pam Snyder

State House

District 50

hd50 pam snyder

Pam Snyder is fighting for the people of Greene County in Harrisburg. After serving for nine years as a county commissioner, Pam was first elected to the state house in 2012.

Since taking office, she has been a proven bipartisan leader focused on protecting working-class jobs in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Her legislation has been applauded by small business owners and family farmers for removing unnecessary red tape and burdensome fees. Her strong leadership on local issues lead her to be chosen with a select group of legislators to a panel to help combat the opioid crisis.

While Pam already has an impressive record, there is still work that needs to be done in Harrisburg. She will continue to work at alleviating the property tax burden on our residents, ensuring the state makes proper investments in public education and transportation, and setting term limits for legislators. To learn more about Pam Snyder visit her website:

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