Candidate Spotlight:

Pamela Gerard

State Senate


pamela gerard

Pam Gerard is a newcomer to politics, but she’s been serving her community for a long time. She is ready to bring real leadership to the state senate.

Pam worked for over 25 years as a teacher and sports coach, helping educate and involve the future of our commonwealth. She saw first hand how important funding public education is. Without proper funding, schools suffer and children are not given the resources they need to succeed.

Everyday she saw how hard students worked, which motivated her to run two different small businesses, one an antique shop and the other a small tutoring company. Both of these businesses were successful. They also allowed her to meet more community members and understand the struggles small business owners face.

This hard work and dedication to community is exactly what Harrisburg needs. Education, better infrastructure, and pension protection are just a few of her priorities. The people of senate district 32 need a new community member to work for them. From all her years teaching, there is no one better than Pam Gerard to make common sense reform for the district.  

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