Candidate Spotlight:

Sara Innamorato

State House

District 21

hd21 sara innamorato

Sara Innamorato never had it easy. Growing up just outside of Pittsburgh, her father was addicted to opioids. At one point, she and her family had to leave their lives behind in order to get away from the effects of addiction. However, she did not let this get in her way of succeeding and bettering her community.

After graduating high school, Sara attended the University of Pittsburgh where she did everything she could to afford school from cleaning locker rooms to waiting tables. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in business, and went into the job market during the worst economic recession of her lifetime. She took whatever jobs she could to make ends meet and later got a job with an international tech company. After working there, she realized she wanted to give her experience in the private sector to public organizations in order to improve her own community. Sara started working for a small non-profit, lending her experience to help it grow.

Pennsylvania is ranked 49th in the United States for women in office. This prompted Sara to start She Runs SWPA to aide women who want to run for office. Now, she is running for office herself.

Sara wants to help her community and change how things are done in Harrisburg. Among her priorities are healthcare for all, housing as a right, quality public schools, and closing the economic inequalities that affect too many people. Sara will bring reform to the state capital and work to create better, more sustainable lives for the people of Pennsylvania.

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