Candidate Spotlight:

Sara Johnson Rothman

State House

District 151

hd151 sara johnson rothman

Sara Johnson Rothman has shown up for our kids. As a former prosecutor, a school board member, and a Pennsylvania mom, she is truly a triple threat.

After completing law school at Temple University, Sara joined the Bucks County District Attorney Office (DAO), where she specialized in the prosecution of sexual abuse of children and domestic abuse. She also was proud to lead the overhaul of DAO’s first-time offender program for nonviolent crimes.

When her first child was born, she made the difficult decision to leave the DAO, but she continued her community advocacy by serving on the Bucks County School Board, and in 2017, she was elected Vice-President. Under her leadership, the School District of Upper Dublin updated hundreds of policies and administrative regulations as well as expanded its anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies for both students and employees to include gender identity and gender expression, and adopted a policy protecting transgender and gender expansive students.

One of her greatest accomplishments on the Board to date is improving the Board’s relationship with the Upper Dublin Education Association (the Teachers’ Union). Sara was instrumental in resolving the contentious contract negotiation with the Teachers’ Union in 2015 and continues to serve as a point of contact between the two institutions.

In addition to her School Board responsibilities, Sara is a practicing attorney with the law firm Rudolph Clarke, LLC specializing in Education Law.

Aside from her obvious commitment to public education, Sara is also committed to improving the economy by raising minimum wage and diverting the tax burden from working families to big oil and gas companies taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s natural resources. She will also advocate for the public health of those in the 151st district, who are at risk for water and air pollution.

Sara is an active mother and role model for her community. She will advocate for the 151st District in a way that will benefit all Pennsylvanians.

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