Candidate Spotlight:

Sharon Guidi

State House

District 40

hd40 sharon guidi

Sharon Guidi’s parents taught her the value of an education. They believed that every child should have the opportunity to get a college education, and it was those same values that drove her to be an educator. She taught in both public and parochial schools in the 40th district and now currently works for the University of Pittsburgh. Now Sharon wants to go to Harrisburg to make sure every child has the opportunity for a strong public education experience.

As a union member, Sharon knows the importance of organized labor for working families. That’s why she will support our unions and stop any anti-labor legislation, and will push back against any so-called “right-to-work” legislation.

Sharon is also committed to protecting healthcare and making sure it is accessible and affordable for all Pennsylvanians. She will also protect the Medicaid expansion which has helped many of our neighbors affected by the opioid epidemic and has saved a countless number of lives.

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