Candidate Spotlight:

Susan Boser


District 15

susan boser

Susan Boser has the answers for rural Pennsylvania. The product of a rural community, she knows how special those types of places are, and how resilient the people in them can be.

Before serving as a teacher, Susan worked for 20 years in human resources in rural areas, helping to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation to families in crisis. Throughout her career, she has seen the profound connection between addiction, depression, and low economic opportunity.

Susan refuses to ignore the evidence. At age 40, she went back to school and earned her PhD at Cornell’s Department of Policy Analysis. She directed a study with four New York counties to develop mental health and addiction services that were better suited for rural needs with local control, which earned an award from the Governor’s Office for leadership in innovation.

Now a professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Susan continues her research and advocacy for local governments combating such public health epidemics.

The rural Pennsylvanian way of life is a treasure that cannot disappear or succumb to hopelessness. Susan Boser is an expert in the field and has a targeted plan to uplift rural America and send it back on the path to prosperity.

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