Candidate Spotlight:

Tarah Probst

State Senate


sd40 tarah probst

The 40th district needs someone who not only listens, but who really acts. That is exactly what Tarah Probst has done her entire life. With her corporate career in marketing, Tarah was given the opportunity to listen to the needs and concerns of people in her community, and then address them head on.

Tarah has always been involved in her community. One day, her local school board decided to close two elementary schools, one of which was her son’s. Tarah led the public opposition to the decision, and even after using credible analysis and with all the public support, the decision remained. So, she and other local activists unseated five board members. She was then asked to run for mayor in a special election in 2015.

She knew her community needed her, so she answered the call and won. And then she won the next election by a wide margin. Now, armed with her experience and a strong will, Tarah is answering the call to serve the 40th senatorial district. She knows the regional issues that face residents of Monroe and Northampton counties. Tarah is the person to fight for this district.

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