Candidate Spotlight:

Tina Davis

State Senate


sd6 tina davis

Tina Davis is a doer.

A successful businesswoman, she grew her realty business from the ground up. She was motivated to go into public service because she noticed a wrong in her community and decided to right it.

While nine months pregnant with her third child, she was unable to make it from her car to her front door after the heavy rains had made it impossible to cross the road. Thinking of other people who could be affected by something as common yet dangerous as rain, she headed to her first council meeting to demand action. When action was not taken, she ran for council, and won.

For four years she fought for funding for her town, until the economic collapse in 2008. Seeing first hand how the people she represented were being hurt by the recession, she decided they needed a strong voice like hers in Harrisburg. She ran for state house district 141 and won. The past eight years in Harrisburg she has created jobs, put together programs assisting veterans and families, and advocated for property tax reform.

Now, she wants to take the fight to the next level. With her proven record and dedication to the people she has represented for over a decade, Tina is the voice Bucks County needs in Harrisburg. From working with local organizations to listening to the concerns of her constituents, there is no better person to represent Senate District 6 than Tina Davis.

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